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I've been asked to try to make printable activities so here's 10 pages of end of the year stuff. I'm not sure if these are desirable, but I tried (I'm a techie-gal, so making somehing printable was super challenging for me). 😂


Three pages for end of the year activities:

  • End of Year Reflection
    • rating and sharind how the year was
  • Teacher Roast
    • Students get to kindly roast their teachers
  • Summer Vibes 
    • Students get to use their imagination to share how they would spend an ideal summer
  • End of the Year Check Out
    • check off items that are "true" from the list
  • Letter of Advice
    • Have current students share their advice for your future studnets
  • Classmate Compliments
    • Studnets will write a ticket with a personalized compliment for their classmates 
  • What would I say if...
    • Students will read a commonly asked question (ex: "Will this be for a grade?") and then will generate what they think the teacher's response will be
  • Name that Tune
    • Students will assign a song to a variety of prompts
  • +more!


End of Year Printable Activities

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