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  • Don't Come for Me

  • So You Think You Know Me Like That?

  • End of the Year Interactive Social Media Slides

  • End of Year Student Awards

  • Dang, Is It Summer Yet?

  • Picture Perfect Prom

  • Caught in a Pinch

  • Printable End of Year Cards

  • +10 pages of my new End of Year Printables

  • May Agenda Slides

  • May Calendars

  • Tech Templates

  • Pride Month Slides

  • Disney Agenda Templates

  • DooDoo Card (editable and printable card game)

  • Sus Granny (editable and printable card game)

  • Back to School Social Media Activity

  • Digital Syllabus

  • Interactive Back to School BINGO

  • Virtual 21st Century Ice Breakers Part 1

  • Virtual 21st Century Ice Breakers Part 2

  • Novel Choice Board

  • August Monthly and Weekly Calendars

  • Assignment and Project Templates

  • September Interactive Activities

  • September Calendar 

  • September Agenda Slides

  • Halloween themed Google Classroom Headers

  • Halloween Interactive Activities 

  • Halloween Agenda Templates

  • @TheJaySalazar x KindaSortaTeacher Brain Break Slides

  • @TheJaySalazar x KindaSortaTeacher I Failed But I Still Fly

  • 2020 November Agenda Templates

  • 2021 November Agenda Templates

  • Thanksgiving and November Interactive Activities

  • November Monthly and Weekly Calendars

  • Christmas Agenda Templates

  • Kwanzaa Agenda Templates

  • Hanukkah Agenda Templates

  • How Did We Get Used To... A Life Before Tech Interactive Activity

  • Santa Looks Like Me Agenda Templates

  • Grinch Slides

  • Holiday + Winter Interactive Slides

  • Social Media Holiday Interactive Slides

  • Netflix Interactive Test Review

  • Holiday Jeopardy Review Game Template

  • Original Jeopardy Review Game Template

  • Defining Gen Z Terminology

  • Gen Z BINGO

  • Instagram and TikTok Profile/Post/Video Templates

  • Sleeping Beauty (ELA Activity)

  • What's School For?

  • 2021 January Agenda Templates

  • 2022 January Agenda Templates

  • Meme Creation | Caption This

  • Just Another New Year's Activity 

  • MLK and Inauguration Agenda Slides

  • Pinch Me I Must Be Dreaming

  • January New Year's Activity

  • PS5 Interactive Review Game Template

  • Love Yourself Interactive Activity

  • Backdrop Slides

  • Black History Month Agenda Templates

  • February Interactive Activities 

  • Super Hero Agenda Templates

  • Valentine's Day Social Media Interactive Activity

  • Valentine's Day DIY Toolkit

  • Valentine's Day Agenda Templates

  • Valentine's BINGO

  • St. Patty's Feelin' Lucky Activity

  • Mrs.Strissel x KindaSortaTeacher Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation

  • Mrs.Strissel x KindaSortaTeacher Roses and a Thorn

  • I'm Just Here for the Comments

  • March Agenda Templates

  • COVID Interactive Reflection

  • Throwback Activity + Trivia

  • St. Patty's Vibe Check

  • Let's Go Fly a Kite (create and store bought options)

  • Spring Interactive Activities

  • Caught In a Pinch Interactive Activities

  • Earth Day Slides

  • Issa Vibe Agenda Templates

  • Post Easter/Spring Break Activity

  • Vibe Check

  • Easter Agenda Templates

  • Celebrate Good Times

  • Formatting Titles | Quotes vs. Italics

plus the rest of my new content for the rest of the year (2022).


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