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TEN BACK TO SCHOOL ACTIVITES all geared towards being a relatable teachers, getting to know your students, and building relationships! (that's just $2.50 per resource).


Are you a back to school resource maniac like me? If so this back to school growing bundle will include Get all of my back to school resources for just $24.99 This means you save big and get to pick between allllll of the things to include icebreakers, get to know the kids activities, meet the teacher, agenda templates, calendars, posters, and whatever else I throw together! And this is forever growing, any back to school content I ever create, it will be added here.


And these double as more than back to school vibes-- they can also be used for sub work, SEL time, genius hoir, morning meeting, closing circle, and sub work!


There's 11 items in this bundle + if I make anything new, it'll be added!

  1. Gen Z Back to School Gen Z Activities

  2. Back to School Printables

  3. Meet the Teacer Trivia

  4. About the Teacher Templates (slides)

  5. TikTok and IG Meet the Teacher Templates (digital and print)

  6. Dang is summer already over?

  7. Back 2 School BINGO

  8. Digital Syllabus (slides + buttons)

  9. Cute AF Syllabus (Canva link to edit + save as pdf-- linkable or printable)

  10. Virtual Ice Breakers Part 1

  11. Virtual Ice Breakers Part 2 

  12. Bitmoji Interactive Novel Choice Board (editable) + 5 aesthetic editable templates



Please notice this is good for one teacher. Please do not share with your department or new teachers. Kindly direct them to the source,, but not the site. Thank you for understanding, these materials have taken my whole summer to create! 😊


🤯Big AF Back to School Bundle

$50.00 Regular Price
$24.99Sale Price
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